About Angular Radiance

There are a lot of pieces of me that make up the whole.  Here are some of them:

Writer: I like writing about the human connection – the experiences of building, maintaining, and transitioning from a relationship. I like writing about dystopia, and how the world around us changes us. I like writing about my life and the insanity of it all.

Polyamorist: I have lived an ethically non-monogamous life for all of my adulthood. I believe that love is limitless. I understand that resources like money and time are not, and working to navigate this is a challenge, though a rewarding one.

Cammodel: I like to get off. I like talking about sexuality. I like knowing that people find me attractive. These all fit perfectly with being a cammodel.

Mother: Yes, I am a MILF; at least, I am according to a lot of people I know. I do not give details about my children in my shows. I am happy to talk theoretically on what it means to be a sex-positive parent, though.

Eclectic Pagan: My spiritual path is unique.  If you would like to ask questions, I am always happy to answer them. Interested in a tarot reading?  Happy to talk about the type of reading you want and let you know what I would like in return for it.

Endurance Runner: I’m currently training for my second Half Marathon.  I love to talk about my training, and how I got to where I am… this includes my weight loss and my personal transformations.